Big Books for small groups (and more…)

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We are expanding our collection of Big Book Editions with the release of seven new titles this month. Why? Because children LOVE big books! They find the size of the pictures and words exciting, while the size helps them to … Read More

E is for Embedding Key Letter Knowledge!

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Sixteen brand new Red Rocket Readers titles at Pre-Reading level help to embed knowledge of key letters. Author Pam Holden addresses a significant gap in many reading schemes with these first readers. The letters are presented within a story context ... Read More

New titles take flight!

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  We’ve just launched 16 new titles at Early Level 3 – Blue. There are 8 illustrated fiction stories and 8 stunning photographic, informational titles available now. Visit the New Titles section of our online bookshop to view and order. … Read More

We’re giving the gift of literacy this Christmas.

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I truly believe that if you can read you can do anything you set your mind to. Above all other things, it’s the number one tool to acquiring knowledge and therefore the ability to reshape your destiny. So at Christmas, … Read More

Laying the foundations

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We love our Alphabet Explorers – they are the perfect tool to develop reading-readiness prior to embarking on the journey to literacy! This week we’re launching the Alphabet Explorers Letter Posters to sit alongside the award-winning Boxed Set of 30 … Read More

Free Boarding Pass – New Titles

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To celebrate the release of our new Early Level 2 Set C titles we’re offering free online access to all 16 titles for three weeks. Whether it’s eBooks you’re after or regular paper books, this is a great way to … Read More

Relaunching eBook Editions

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We’ve rebuilt our entire eBook platform from scratch. With more than 450 Red Rocket Readers titles and 32 Joy Cowley Club, it’s an exciting line-up. And all fully compatible with iPad and other Windows/Android devices. eBook Editions are available in … Read More

10…9…8…Countdown to new titles has begun!

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We are putting the finishing touches on our new Early Level 2 Set C titles – just a few more edits and they’ll be off to print. A total of 16 leveled readers – eight delightful fiction stories and eight … Read More

Joy Cowley Joins the Club!

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Flying Start Books is delighted to announce that we have been appointed distributor for two exciting new series of Joy Cowley titles in the USA and Canada. Big Bear and Little Bear and Miss Doll and Friends are published under … Read More

Part 3: Fun!

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Part 3 of 3 – Checklist for a Successful PreK-3 Literacy Program As well as being Child Focused and Teacher Driven, there is another absolutely vital element to any successful reading program – Fun! Children need color and excitement, strong … Read More

Part 2: Teacher Driven

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Part 2 of 3 – Checklist for a Successful PreK-3 Literacy Program In my last post I told you about the key attributes to look for to ensure any reading program is designed with the learning reader in mind. The … Read More

Part 1: Child Focused

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Part 1 of 3 – Checklist for a Successful PreK-3 Literacy Program In the 15 years since we founded our educational publishing company, Flying Start Books, we’ve learned a few things about teaching children to read. This has prompted us … Read More

Linking to the Common Core

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Red Rocket Readers is a comprehensive, balanced literacy program, with correlations to the Common Core State Standards and providing all the tools needed to inspire students through the art of active literacy. The Common Core State Standards Initiative has established a … Read More

Real-world skills?

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Dr. Marie Clay advocated that for 80% of children, learning to read will be relatively trouble-free. The key is to take special care of the 20% who struggle, and in doing so, take care of all 100% of learner-readers. Now … Read More

Prepare to launch!

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Early success with reading is widely recognised as the essential launch pad to all other learning. Global research and experts world-wide agree that without early success acquiring reading skills, the outlook for children is grim and the wider impact on … Read More

The importance of print awareness.

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Print Awareness is a major indicator of literacy success. Children with print awareness understand that written language is related to oral language. They know that the printed language carries a message and is a source of both information and entertainment. … Read More

How will my child learn to read?

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Learning to read is a step-by-step process. It involves a series of developmental stages that come together, over time, to reach the ultimate goal of making meaning from the printed word. It is the foundation of all learning. As a … Read More

Home-reading support guidelines for parents and caregivers.

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Regular reading practice at home is known to greatly support the acquisition of essential reading skills taught at school. However, it is important to emphasize that these gains are only seen when reinforcement at home is positive. Parents that push … Read More