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In-Book Tools

Within the covers of each Red Rocket Reader is a set of useful tools designed to support and guide the teacher:


KEY WORDS AND LETTERS are listed on the inside front covers so teachers can quickly discover the focus for each title. WORD COUNTS help simplify running records.


TEACHER TALK gives a brief introduction  and overview of each story (its characters, plot, scene and vocabulary), to aid group discussions. Located on the inside front cover of every title.


TEACHING PLAN lists the reading strategies promoted in each text, plus the features of print to learn such as punctuation, suffixes, digraphs, contractions and compound words. Located on the inside front cover of every title.


FLASHCARDS on the inside back covers provide extra learning opportunities. Included in every title at the Pre-Reading, Emergent and Early Levels.


GLOSSARIES can be found on the inside back covers of all Non-Fiction titles from Early Level 2 and above.


WORD WHIZ Activity on the inside back cover of all Fiction titles from Fluency Level 1 – 4.

WORD POWER Activity on the inside back cover of all Fiction titles in the Advanced Fluency Levels 1 – 4.

TABLE OF CONTENTS in all non-fiction titles from Early Level 2 (yellow) and above.


COLOUR CODED LEVELS allow children and teachers alike to see at a glance which level a book belongs to, making title selection and filing simple.

Downloadable Tools

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Comprehensive Lesson Plans and mini Lesson Briefs for a number of Red Rocket Readers titles are available now. All others are in production and will be available as free printable PDFs throughout 2018. Ensure you’re signed up on our VIP list so we can keep you informed.
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WORKSHEETS for all titles are now available in PDF format. (Excludes Advanced Fluency Levels.)
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RUNNING RECORDS for 200+ titles can be downloaded free of charge in our VIP area. All other titles are in production and will be uploaded as they become available, throughout 2018.
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Online and Partner Resources

Use the filters in the online Bookshop to identify titles at the right levels, and with the characters, topics and standards you require.

Every Red Rocket Reader has been leveled by Heinemann and assigned an official F&P Guided Reading Level.

Search for titles at specific F&P Levels in the bookshop, using the widget in the sidebar at left of screen.

Lexile Levels: Every Red Rocket Reader has been assessed and assigned an official Lexile Measure.

Search for titles by Lexile level in the Bookshop, using the widget in the sidebar at left of screen.

rocket_dream_345x205Theme and Character Tags: Recurring characters, topics and themes are all identified with tags. You can now view collections of titles in the bookshop by simply clicking on a tag like “traditional tales” or “conservation”. Read more about Tags here


Artifact Tags help a teacher, parent or reader find a book with a specific topic, concept, learning objective, or reading level. Every Red Rocket Reader has been analysed by experts to identify more than 700+ different attribute types that appear in stories so you can search and select titles with story sequences, themes, or specific learning objectives.

Search for Artifact tags in the Bookshop, using the widget in the sidebar at left of screen.


Common Core Standards: Every Red Rocket Reader has been analyzed by experts to identify the CCSS standards.

Search for Common Core Standards in the Bookshop, using the widget in the sidebar at left of screen.


KEY WORDS : Search for titles with the focus words you need in the Bookshop, using the filters in the sidebar.

Curriculum Links

Supplemental Classroom Libraries

Amplify have chosen Red Rocket Readers exclusively for their Knowledge Collection Libraries for Grades K-2. The high quality supplemental texts support the innovative Knowledge Strand of CKLA, helping students extend and apply their growing knowledge base with texts centered on social studies, science, literature and the arts.

The 12 Libraries each contain 12 titles, 3 texts below, on and above grade level, and in six packs of each. Contact Amplify direct to order.

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International Baccalaureate

Explore an extensive correlation of Red Rocket Readers titles with the Transdisciplinary Links, Themes and Year Levels of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme:

 Download IB Mapping Chart

3rd Party Assessment Tools

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is the world-wide reading management technology that provides educators with an easy and effective way to assess and monitor reading practice. Schools participating in the Accelerated Reader program can access quizzes for more than 215 Red Rocket Reader titles from Renaissance Learning in the AR Bookfinder.

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Amplify mCLASS:Reading 3D

mCLASS:Reading 3D combines quick indicators of foundational-skills development with a running-record Text Reading and Comprehension (TRC) diagnostic to determine how students find meaning in text.

Progress Monitoring is available for 375 Red Rocket Readers titles.

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