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eBook FAQs

Lerner Books is now the official publisher of Red Rocket Readers to schools and educational institutions in USA and Canada.

We sell Red Rocket Readers all around the world so, for a small number of titles, we have two editions – US and Standard English.

  All United States customers will be sent the US English Editions by default.  

We sent an email to you immediately after Sign Up to confirm your Password and Username. If you haven’t received the email, please check your junk mail folder and mark us as a safe sender. If you can’t locate the email it may be blocked by your school’s internet security system – please see your IT department and request to add to your email whitelist.

If you are sure you’re using the correct Username but still can’t login it will most likely be the password that’s the problem. Please reset this using the Forgot Password link on the login screen. If you don’t receive an email with new password immediately, please refer above and check the junk mail folder.

Note: We can issue a new password if necessary – use the “Contact Us” form to request one after following the above steps.

You’ll find the many details such as ISBN and reading levels for each individual title included in its product listing details in the Bookshop.

Only eBook subscriptions require a PayPal account. All other purchases (books and Launchpacks) can choose to make payment by credit card or PayPal account.

To pay by credit card simply follow the instructions onscreen (buy as a guest) to make a one-off credit card payment as you would with any other payment processor.


  Lerner Books is now distributing Red Rocket Readers to schools in USA and Canada.