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Wondering where to start?

At the beginning of course! Children just starting out on the journey to literacy should begin with our Foundation level – Alphabet Explorers, followed by Pre-Reading Level readers, all of which focus on building essential letter knowledge.

For all other children, the Red Rocket Boarding Pass is designed to support the work your child is doing at school so we recommend you start with the level determined by their teacher or reading specialist. You’ll often find the level printed on the back cover of the leveled readers assigned for take-home reading, or simply ask for their advice.

There are a number of different reading systems in use around the world – we provide correlations for Guided Reading (F&P), Reading Recovery and DRA here.

If you’re unable to find a level for your child, start with a Red Rocket Readers eBook from the lower levels and listen to your child read it aloud. You’ll hear a big change in pace and confidence as they begin to stretch beyond their comfort zone. At that point stop and go back a level.

Have your child read most, if not all, eBooks at the lower level and only move up to the next when they are fully confident and enjoying reading. Again, watch for signs that it’s time to move on – fidgeting, wriggling and boredom are all good clues!

Happy Reading!