Red Rocket Readers and Joy Cowley Club eBooks are now available online!

Our School Wide, School+Home and Family/Home Subscription Plans are a great new low-cost and easy way to access eBooks from home or in the classroom. (Read our FAQs below to find out which option is best for you.)

To view your eBooks you’ll need to login first, then choose Red Rocket Readers or Joy Cowley Club to view the eBooks you’ve subscribed to from each series. (If you don’t have an active subscription you’ll need to visit our Bookshop to order.)

eBook FAQs

Got questions?

Here are the things we get asked about most.

Can’t find an answer to your question? Please visit our Contact Us page and send an email.

General FAQs

No app or special software is required as our eBooks are compatible with all the major internet browsers.
All you need is an internet connection – simply open your internet browser and start reading.

Our eBooks are delivered online so no download is required. This ensures very little space is required on your device, enabling access to many more titles than might otherwise be possible.

When you click on the link for the set you wish to view, the first eBook in the set will open automatically.

You can then scroll down the page, below the eBook and “fullscreen” button. (If you’re in fullscreen mode you’ll need to go back to the initial screen). You will see all other titles in that set laid out below as per this image. Click each cover to open the eBook.


Please login using the link at the very top of this page. Any orders and subscriptions associated with your account will appear on the My Account page once you’ve entered your details.

– Check you’re logging in with the correct username – this must be the email address that was used to purchase the eBook Subscription.
– Check that your active subscriptions match the eBook you’re attempting to open. You may need to purchase or renew your subscription if it’s expired.

Please check your browser settings and ensure you allow any security pop ups you may see onscreen.

On iPad, you may need to turn off “private” mode.

Your school’s internet security settings may require that you involve your IT department.

Choose School Wide for use within one school building/campus.

Choose School + Home for unrestricted access for students and teachers to access throughout the school and also from home.

If you are a parent/family purchasing for private home use, please read about our Boarding Pass subscription for home users in our Parents section.

Most commonly, eBook subscriptions will be put on hold when a payment is due.

New Orders:
If you have recently made your purchase and chose “school account” it will automatically be placed on hold until payment is received. If you have a purchase order number you can email this to us here.

Renewal Orders:
An invoice will be emailed to you on the expiry date and the subscription put on hold until payment is received. You can follow the links in the invoice to make payment online or email your purchase order number to us here.

  • ebookfullscreen
  • Turn on Fullscreen option
  • ebookrightturn
  • Turn page forward
  • ebookleftturn
  • Turn page back
  • ebook_closefullscreen
  • Close Fullscreen option
  • ebookshowthumbs
  • Show page thumbnails

You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard and on a tablet you can touch the screen to turn the pages.