Blend Explorers Classroom Library

New Classroom Library Collections from Red Rocket Readers are cute, compact and colorful!

Title selection and filing is simple thanks to color-coded levels, while the eBook subscription in every box ensures books are always accessible.

The Blend Explorers Classroom Library contains:

  • 22 titles:
    • Photographic Non-Fiction
  • Rocket USB Teacher Tools:
    • Audio Books
    • Worksheets
  • 1 Year eBook Subscription
    • School & Home access to all 22 titles
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Red Rocket Blend Explorers reinforce the learning gained with the Alphabet Explorers and take the next step in building understanding of the blends.

Once children have individual letter and sound association knowledge secure, the next essential literacy skill is the blending of consonants – to make onset blends.

Red Rocket Blend Explorers introduce 22 common consonant combinations where each individual letter-sound is heard – helping children to become familiar with these initial blends in several ways:

• by sound associations
• by letter names
• as upper and lower case symbols
• by word and picture associations
• by sharing rhymes (inside back cover)
• through practice of letter formations

  • Boxed Set of 22 New Titles
  • Each title focuses on a specific blend
  • Real-life photographic images
  • Extension Activities: Free Worksheet PDFs for every title
  • eBook Editions for all titles

 Scope and Sequence PDF


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