Decodable Explorers Set (32 titles)

Set of 32 titles (see title list below)

Red Rocket Decodable Explorers offer a structured literacy approach. Readers will grow in confidence as they progress from the first book to the last, acquiring new skills and putting them to work in an authentic way.

Like all Red Rocket Readers, the new Decodable Explorers feature colorful, entertaining illustrations that support the text, launch oral discussion and develop student comprehension. The classic story structure (tension, climax and resolution) ensures children will want to engage with the texts.

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This set contains one copy each of 32 titles:

No, Tam
Tam on the Mat
Charlie and Pipi
Dig a Pit
Tom’s Toy Top
Grace Bops to the Band
Sneaky Max
The Ant Nest
Top Rock Camp
Beth’s Bus Track
Fin’s Gift
Lass Acts Up
The Best Gull Nest
Animal Rhymes
Dress-Up Fun
The Big Mix-Up
The Drink Stand
Buddy on a Trip
The Sad King
Beach Ball
Rainy Day Cake Bake
Sights at Night
The Little Row Boat
The Zoo Cook
Beth’s Fishing Adventure
Bumper Car Fun
Charlie’s Farm Day
Grace’s Fairy Party
Luke on Stage
Troy’s Choice
What did I Hear?

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