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Here at Red Rocket HQ we are not in favor of ‘busy work’ but we love worksheets which actively extend and support the learning opportunities found in each title. These are practical, after-reading activities that reinforce the learning opportunities, found in each text. Activities that are specifically designed to help secure knowledge, enhance comprehension, practice reading strategies and help develop early writing skills.

There are now more than 300 new worksheets available, (and we are adding to them all the time). You can access these directly from the Teacher Tools page on the website. Worksheets can be downloaded in sets of 8, or as individual titles, scroll down to the sets and click the link to view all the worksheets available in the set. Click on the title and the worksheet for the individual title will automatically download as a PDF.

The other way to locate worksheets on the website is to search by title in the Bookshop section of the website and download from the title page.

Go to Bookshop – Red Rocket Readers Search by title, then click on the title and next to the cover image is a pencil icon with the text instructions next to it. Click on the Worksheet text and the worksheet will automatically download as a PDF.

All the worksheets are FREE,  and are available across a wide range of reading levels.

NOTE: a user MUST BE LOGGED IN to download the worksheets.


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