Step 1: Foundation Stage

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Around age 5, children enter school and begin receiving formal literacy instruction. They continue to make rapid growth in literacy skills if they are exposed to literacy-rich environments (Burns, Griffin,
& Snow, 1999).

  • Will look at books and enjoys being read to
  • Notices letters and words around them
  • Begins to understand that print carries a message
  • Writes their own name and can recognise it
  • Plays at reading – holding books and turning pages pretending to read
  • Enjoys learning about letters and words from books, games, songs and nursery rhymes
  • Looks at pictures and makes up stories
  • Uses memory and pictures to retell a story
  • Learns letter names and letter sounds – starting with their own
  • Learns how books work where a story starts and ends and which way the print progresses.
  • Understands the concept of a letter and a word

Read on to learn more about each stage:

Step 2: Emergent Reading Stage

Step 3: Early Reader Stage

Step 4: Fluent Reader Stage

Step 5: Advanced Fluency Stage

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